Initial Look – Robert B Parker’s Stranger in Paradise

stranger in paradiseI’m just a couple of chapters in, ten maybe eleven, we’ll 50 pages at least, which is one sixth of the total 300 pages… and the story so far refers back to an incident some ten years prior. Since this is the first Jessie Stone novels I’m reading, I’m wondering if it’s like characters in the Spenser stories where they keep popping up. .. oh, one strange crossover is Healy the state police inspector. .. I’ve seen him I’m the Jessie Stone movies and I know he’s a character in several Spenser stories. .. strange coincidence or same guy? My money’s on it being the same guy.


One of the disconnects I’m having between this particular Jessie Stone novels and the movies I’ve seen, is that Jessie’s ex wife is here in Paradise… I thought she was back in Los Angeles. .. did this happen during the series of novels? I know I should start by reading Night Passage, the first of the Jessie Stone series, but I’ve only just ordered it and irate won’t be in until the weekend.


Decisions, decisions… should I push through then read the first book, or wait to read the first book first? I’ve got plenty of other reading to do in the meantime… there’s never a shortage of things to immerse myself in.

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